Halls Valley Astronomical Group

Telescope Row

A Typical Telescope Row Starparty

Annual Starparty Program

Since 1982, the HVAG has been conducting monthly public starparties at the main parking lot in Grant Park. Over the years, the long row of parking spaces where we set up our telescopes has become known to our members and park visitors as Telescope Row.

Telescope Row starparties provide an entertaining and educational experience for school groups, scout troops, and other park visitors. They also provide a place for aspiring amateur astronomers to learn about astronomy in a friendly, informal atmosphere.

Check our calendar for this year's Telescope Row events.


From the Grant Park entrance station, follow the main park road for 0.5 miles to a turning circle. Telescope Row is located to the left, beyond the restrooms. Parking on Telescope Row during starparties is limited to those who are assisting in the program. Others should park in the lot directly ahead of the turning circle, to the right of the large oak, and walk to the starparty.

If you plan to attend a Telescope Row starparty, please plan on arriving at Grant Park before sunset. The park entrance gate is closed at sunset. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to enter the park through the exit gate. The exit gate is protected by a tire shredder.


To make your visit to Telescope Row more enjoyable, please follow these simple guidelines:

Turn off your flashlights when you reach Telescope Row. Bright flashlights keep your eyes from adjusting to the darkness and make it harder for you, and others, to see astronomical objects.

Make sure your children are carefully supervised. It's important that young children stay with a parent or other adult at all times. Follow the starparty docents' instructions.


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