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A Brief Account of the Lick Observatory

Second Edition

The Second Edition is dated, on the final page of the text, November 1894 and was published early in the following year by the State Printing Office in Sacramento. It was prepared for publication under the supervision of Lick Observatory's first Director, Edward S. Holden. The Second Edition is in virtually every respect identical to the First Edition. The plates used to print both are, with three minor exceptions, identical. The title page is altered to indicate a second edition, a change of place and printer, and a change of date. The second page bears a slightly different portrait of James Lick. The final page of text is changed to show a date of Novemeber 1894. In addition, the printing quality of the Second Edition is noticably better than that of the First. While this is apparent in the text, it is even more obvious in the illustrations.

The intention has been to reproduce this publication as faithfully as possible given the constraints and requirements of this electronic medium in its current state of development. Although every word of the original has been included, as well as all of the illustrations, this version should not be regarded as a facsimile of the original. For example, in the original, a number of the illustrations were placed so that the bottom was parallel to the binding. In that position, of course, they would be difficult to view with a Web browser. These images have been rotated through 90 degrees. In addition, neither the page color nor the typeface matches the original.

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Page 1 (text, 3k)
Page 2 (illustration, 26k) "James Lick 1796-1876"
Page 3 (text, 4k)
Page 4 (illustration, 39k) "The Road To Mt. Hamilton"
Page 5 (text, 5k)
Page 6 (illustration, 21k) "The Observatory From The North-East"
Page 7 (text, 5k)
Page 8 (illustration, 24k) "The Observatory In Winter"
Page 9 (text, 5k)
Page 10 (illustration, 27k) "The West Front of the Observatory"
Page 11 (text, 5k)
Page 12 (illustration, 23k) "Looking North-East On The Summit"
Page 13 (text, 5k)
Page 14 (illustration, 16k) "Looking South-West Towards Mt. Hamilton"
Page 15 (text, 5k)
Page 16 (illustration, 25k) "The Long Hall"
Page 17 (text, 5k)
Page 18 (illustration, 33k) "The Great Equatorial"
Page 19 (text, 5k)
Page 20 (illustration, 36k) "Eye-End of the Great Telescope"
Page 21 (text, 5k)
Page 22 (illustration, 25k) "The Twelve-Inch Equatorial"
Page 23 (text, 5k)
Page 24 (illustration, 15k) "The Six-Inch Equatorial"
Page 25 (text, 5k)
Page 26 (illustration, 31k) "The Meridian Circle"
Page 27 (text, 5k)
Page 28 (illustration, 15k) "The Transit Instrument"
Page 29 (text, 4k)
Page 30 (illustration, 17k) "The Earthquake Recorder"
Page 31 (illustration, 14k) "Sketches of Mars, Showing Canals"
Page 32 (illustration, 26k) "Lunar Landscape"


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