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Intending students will do well to communicate with the Director of the Observatory before making their formal applications for admission to the Recorder. The postoffice address is Mount Hamilton, Santa Clara County, California.


The Board of Regents of the University of California has established the following regulations:

Visitors will be received at the Lick Observatory during office hours, whenever any of the astronomers are present.

Regular nights in each month, not exceeding one per week, shall be set apart for the reception of visitors, except during inclement weather, and visitors will be received on these nights between certain hours and at no other times.

The Observatory buildings will be open to visitors during office hours, every day in the year. Upon their arrival, visitors will please go at once to the visitors' room and register their names.

An hour or so can be profitably occupied in viewing the different instruments, and the rest of the stay can be well spent in walks to the various reservoirs, from which magnificent views of the surrounding country can be had. At least an hour and a half of daylight should be allowed for the drive from the Summit to Smith Creek. There are no hotel accommodations at the Summit.

For the present, visitors will be received at the Observatory to look through the great telescope every Saturday night, between the hours of 7 and 10, and at these times only.

Whenever the work of the Observatory will allow, other telescopes will also be put at the disposition of visitors on Saturdays between the same hours (only).

At 10 P.M. the Observatory will be closed to visitors, who should provide their own conveyance to Smith Creek, as there is no way of lodging them on the mountain.

It is expected by setting apart these times for visitors (which

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